What can be the minimum and maximum temperature of the liquid to be stored in this type of pillow tank?

Liquid having temperature range of -30 degree Celsius to 65 degree Celsius.

Is different type of fabric available according to the liquid to be stored in the tank?

Yes, the fabric of the tank is chosen according to the property of liquid to be stored.

Does the fabric get affected by sunlight?

No, the fabric being used in this tank is UV resistant and weather proof.

Can you provide us color as per customer need?

Yes, colors can be available in eight colors i.e. yellow, red, green, blue, grey, black, orange & white.

Is the fabric being used for fabricating this tank hygienic?

Yes, it is hygienic. Food grade material is used for drinking water storage tank.

Is the fabric/material used for fabrication is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- microbial?


Can we use these tanks in hospitals?

Yes, material used for fabrication is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- microbial.

What type of accessories and fittings are required in this tank?

Accessories required in this tank are Inlet, Outlet, Valves & Pressure Gauge etc.

What is the typical cost of the tank?

Pillow tanks are very cost effective in comparison to other conventional type of tanks.